So we're about to head into another year - thank God for 2018!! And with the New Year comes new goals and new opportunities to fulfill those goals.

I have personally set my goal to lose weight once and for all - and to get healthy. But it's funny; when I started to look online for some inspiration, I kept coming across these articles that stressed the importance of strengthening your core.

Everywhere I looked there was an article, or a blog telling me that one of the keys to getting in shape and being healthy is having a strong core.

These articles suggested exercises like planks, Superman's, mountain climbers, and crunches. Folks that is not what I wanted to hear.

I mean, I'm a big guy, and I know that I need to burn a lot of calories to lose weight - and crunches just aren't going to do it.

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But then I realized how similar this strategy is to what we emphasize at Churbus - "having a strong foundation (or core) gives you the ability to transform your organization and run it effectively."

Whatever you want to accomplish in your ministry, having robust systems, a sound financial and administrative team, and trained leaders will be essential to build upon.

Be sure to invest in leadership and monthly staff training. Make it your goal for you, and those on your team, to learn something new each month that will help you operate the church with even higher efficiency.

Strengthening my body's core is supposed to help my conditioning, posture, and ultimately shed those unwanted pounds - which is my goal.

So for 2018 - what's your church's goal? Whatever it is, be sure that you're incorporating activities and training that'll help strengthen your church's core. This will also give you the foundation needed to reach your big vision.

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