...and we can’t wait to meet you!

Our Mission

Revitalize disadvantaged communities and transform lives through the power of Jesus Christ, by strengthening the operations of the churches and faith-based groups that serve them.

There are 4 characteristics that define us (Yup, our Core Values!)

Giving more than we receive

You're our priority and we'll always share more than we take.

Remaining Purpose Driven

We're committed to the 5 biblical purposes of the church.

Excellence in all we do

In everything that we do, we will be excellent.

Keep Learning

We believe in continuous education (both yours and ours)

Meet Dwight!

He’s our founder, and absolutely passionate about church business administration, operational management, and organizational systems. The son of a pastor, Dwight started Churbiz with the goal of helping churches get the nonprofit training they needed to effectively run their organization.

He’s a dedicated leader, entrepreneur, former engineer, ex-corporate manager, church administrator, MBA, and current student perusing a certificate in Church Business Administration; who simply wants to help strengthen churches so that they’re able to lead the spiritual and social revitalization of our communities.

Dwight Smith

We’re putting money – where our mouth is!

It’s easy to say that we love churches and that we want to see succeed at revitalizing disadvantaged communities – but we’ll show you just how serious we are. Every year we invite Academy Members to submit proposals for potential funding of community based projects and programs created by their church or faith-based organization.

Because Churbiz Academy Members are engaged and active learning members, we know that they’re getting the training and information necessary to operate community programs and responsibly handle external funding. This makes them great partners for revitalizing and empowering disadvantaged neighborhoods.

For every dollar that we received, 10% goes towards funding our MicroGrants. So in essence, as an Academy member, part of your monthly membership fee goes back to supporting your congregation, as well as thousands of other congregations around the country.

Receiving a MicroGrant also helps your church get even more external funding! That’s because grantors like to see that an organization has [also] received funding from other sources. It gives the grantor confidence that someone else believes in the program, has vetted the organization, and has contributed financially to it. Academy members get the practice and advantage of going through the grant process with an organization that’s designed to help them succeed.

10% of All Churbiz Income Goes to Fund Our MicroGrants