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Our Mission

Revitalize disadvantaged communities and transform lives through the power of Jesus Christ, by strengthening the operations of the churches and faith-based groups that serve them.

There are 4 characteristics that define us (Yup, our Core Values!)

Giving more than we receive

You're our priority and we'll always share more than we take.

Remaining Purpose Driven

We're committed to the 5 biblical purposes of the church.

Excellence in all we do

In everything that we do, we will be excellent.

Keep Learning

We believe in continuous education (both yours and ours)

Meet Dwight!

He’s our founder, and absolutely passionate about church business administration, operational management, and organizational systems. The son of a pastor, Dwight started Churbiz with the goal of helping churches get the nonprofit training they needed to effectively run their organization.

He’s a dedicated leader, entrepreneur, former engineer, ex-corporate manager, church administrator, MBA, and current student perusing a certificate in Church Business Administration; who simply wants to help strengthen churches so that they’re able to lead the spiritual and social revitalization of our communities.

Dwight Smith

The Administrative Life Cycle of every Church

The Planting Phase


Planting is all about the soil. It doesn’t matter what you try to grow; you’ll never reap a good harvest if you haven’t taken the time to prep the soil.

The Planting Phase is all about ensuring that the legal and corporate structure of your ministry is setup properly. Within this phase, Churbiz focuses on topics such as the roles of your board of directors, completing your state & federal documentation, creating church bylaws and more.

The Planting Phase

The Growing Phase


The focus of GROW is on helping churches setup good management & organizational systems designed to assist them with operating the ministry efficiently.

This includes training lay leaders and pastors on how to be better managers & leaders; as well as giving ministry volunteers the nonprofit tools needed to operate the church in excellence.

The Growing Phase

The Sustaining Phase


This phase concentrates on building processes that sustain church growth. It includes creating documentation that allows the church to replicate itself, and develop robust systems that makes growth sustainable.

These systems usually include topics such as filing required tax documentation and reports, maintaining trust and financial endowments, special project & program management, as well as detailed problem solving.

The Sustaining Phase
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