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The 5 Pillars of Effective Church Management

This free guide reviews the 5 essential areas of management that every church must master. Discover the truth behind why some churches thrive, while some struggle simply to survive.

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We’re all about the souls

At the end of the day, Jesus Christ died so that each one of us would have a path that restored our relationship with the Father. So, we love to sing & worship, we like to shout; and believe there’s nothing more exciting than seeing new converts give their life to Christ, and watching them grow up into mature disciples.


God expects excellence

But the church today must also embrace its organizational responsibility and operate the “business” of the church in excellence, and with greater efficiency. Communities need churches that can lead both spiritual and socio-economic transformations; and the church must be managed well enough to heed the call.

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Templates & Forms

Download ready-to-use templates, spreadsheets, and administration forms that can be customized for your church. We even provide video to show you how to use them!

Monthly Workshops

Monthly access to coaching workshops that walk you through step-by-step on HOW to create effective church systems – from start to finish.

Individual Coaching

Email your questions or hop onto a video conference call with a ministry coach to get detailed information and customized solutions for your particular church.

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Join our free Facebook Group, the Churbiz HelpDesk. It’s filled with pastors, elders and leaders, church administrators and finance teams, marketing and media volunteers, as well as other nonprofit professionals such as attorneys, CPAs, design consultants, and data and security experts.

This group is a community where church pastors and their teams can find answers and generous support on operating and running their ministry in the spirit of excellence. In the helpdesk, leaders are able to ask questions and benchmark effective strategies for growing a healthy church.

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